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7224 East State Highway 6, Waco, TX, 76705

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    • The Waco area has a lot to see and do !  Here are some of the local favorites and attractions in alphabetical order (except for the first one).  As you can see, there is definitely something for everyone and probably more than you expected. (See the bottom of this page for transportation information if you don't want to drive and park in town.). 
    • Waco Winery (next door to us ! )
    • Armstrong Browning Library
    • Bare Arms Brewing
    • Baylor University—the oldest continuing university in Texas
    • Brazos Valley Cheese
    • BSR Cable Park water sports amusement park
    • Cameron Park and Zoo
    • Downtown Farmers’ Market
    • Dr. Pepper Museum
    • Eagles Motocross Track
    • Fine dining options: 135 Prime and Bangkok Royal Thai: 1424 (on Washington)/Diamondback’s
    • Fort House Museum
    • Gourmet Gallery
    • Hawaiian Falls Amusement Park
    • Heritage Homestead and Café
    • Hippodrome Theater and Restaurant
    • Lake Waco
    • Magnolia Market and Silos
    • Mammoth National Monument
    • Mayborn Museum Complex
    • McLane Stadium
    • Sironia Boutique and Restaurant
    • Spice Village
    • Texas Collection Library
    • Texas Motor Speedway
    • Texas Rangers Hall of Fame
    • Texas Sports Hall of Fame
    • Tradinghouse Lake
    • Twin Rivers Golf Course (and 2 more)
    • Waco Suspension Bridge and Brazos River
    • Even though we are not in the city proper, public transportation is available for you through McLennan County Rural Transit. If you don't want to hassle with finding a parking space in town or have a large motorhome, you may be interested in it, especially if you know the particular places you want to see. Visit the website below or call 877-875-7433 for more information.